a scene of wedding venue

a scene of wedding venue

Finding the perfect venues to have your wedding can be a challenging decision to make. You have your dream wedding in mind and want to get married in the perfect spot. A place that is going to give you long lasting memories that you will remember years and years from now. You probably also want a place that is going to be photogenic and will look good in the wedding pictures.

Mayflower Inn and Spa

The Mayflower Inn and Spa in Washington, Connecticut is one of the best venues to get married. It’s isolated and away from society, but it’s the perfect place for a country wedding. A popular country retreat, just two hours drive away from New York City. It’s known as one of America’s most popular luxury hideaways in the northeastern United States.

Its beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop for a wedding and for wedding photos. The Mayflower Inn and Spa has over 58 acres, filled with beautiful landscapes, gardens, and woodland. They also have a boutique hotel in Lichfield County for two venues total. It provides the perfect place for your guests and wedding party to stay while they’re in town for your wedding. It’s modeled off New England elegance and can transport you to a simpler time.

This is the perfect place to have your wedding and make you and all of your guests feel as if they have been transported away from the stresses of wedding planning. It will truly give you the wedding of your dreams, and their great service will do everything they can to help you with their venues.

The Staff

Their team is made up of people who are “romantics at heart” and they focus strictly on the couple in order to make the couple’s dream wedding come true. They want your vision and the details that matter most to you to be brought to life. Their approach is more personalized than any of the other venues in the area.

They also provide the perfect place to exchange vows: in their formal Shakespeare Gardens. They have done many weddings before. Some of the most popular have taken place at the Shakespeare Gardens on site at sunset, surrounded by the beautiful woodland. Every wedding is unique and they want to bring your wedding to life.

In total, the Inn and Spa has over 30 luxurious rooms and suites for you and your guests to use if you decide that’s what you want. It’s also perfectly located—in the country, but also only 90 miles from New York City and has easy access to the Oxford Airport and Bradley International Airport, in case you have any guests or family flying in to your venues. They can also set up several events surrounding your wedding—welcome drinks to even a farewell brunch. If you wanted to treat your bridal party, they will set up a special spa treatment for all of you, complete with a Champagne tasting in the Spa House Garden Room with floor-to-ceiling length windows that overlook the woodland. They can also set up entertainment for your wedding—live bands to DJs and even harpists.