money in a jar

money in a jar

Weddings are meant to be one of the most joyous times of our lives, but planning them can also mean stress for a lot of people. The stress and anxiety are worsened when you’re on a tight budget. If your budget is really tight, how are you supposed to be able to afford a venue, the catering, a dress, the flowers, the decorations, the cake? It can all add up and weddings can be massively expensive. But there are ways around this if you know what you’re doing.

Planning a wedding on a tight budget first requires a lot of thinking ahead—and being creative to think outside the box. All weddings should be planned in advance, but this is even more true on a budget. You can’t afford to pay your way through everything, so you have to take your time, slow down, and think.

It Starts With a Vision

Like with all wedding planning, start with how you envision your wedding to look. What is your dream wedding? Then, take time to make a list of all the things that may be possible in your budget. You also need to find out what your budget is—the exact amount you can spend. What’s the most you can spend on your wedding? Hopefully, by the end of all the planning, you’ll be able to have some extra money left over.

The most important step to planning a wedding on a tight budget is to immediately divide the money into categories. How much money can you put toward your wedding dress? Catering? Venue? Flowers? Decorations? Cake? Are there any other categories you can add to that? It’s important to stick to the basics, but also don’t be afraid to get things that you want—even on a budget, this is still your big day.

Remember that you may have to cut corners. Say you can’t afford to spend much on catering. If you find it’s more important for you to be able to buy the wedding dress of your dreams, then drop the catering and allot more of that money toward your dress.

Staying Under Budget

Another way to cut costs is to think creatively for cheaper solutions. Cheaper doesn’t always necessarily mean unprofessional. For example, instead of hiring a professional caterer, consider asking guests to bring in food. A lot of weddings are done that way and people oftentimes don’t mind. It makes it feel cozy and more personal that way when your guests can bring in dishes for everyone to enjoy. Another way to cut costs is to consider having your wedding at a church. Most don’t charge, especially if you’re a member, so that can help you avoid the expensive costs of paying for a venue.

You also don’t need to hire a wedding planner. Chances are, there are women in your family or maybe some of your friends, or even people they know who have had weddings before. Their experience can be invaluable to you, so be sure to ask them for help when you need it. A team of women with experience in their own weddings is more help than an expensive wedding planner any day.